Thor’s New Phase 4 Armor Hints Gorr Is Even More Powerful Than Hela

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is giving Thor new armor in Phase 4, and it hints that Thor: Love and Thunder‘s villain, Gorr the God Butcher, is more powerful than Hela. For Chris Hemsworth’s fourth MCU solo film, Thor will meet possibly his toughest opponent yet in Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. As evident by the character’s name, he has a propensity for slaying all-powerful beings. Thor: Love and Thunder appears to be preparing Thor for Gorr by giving him a brand new armor that teases just how strong his new villain is.
After taking down the likes of Loki and Malekith, Thor: Ragnarok brought Odinson face-to-face with his greatest foe to that point. His secret and villainous sister Hela (Cate Blanchett) emerged from her imprisonment following Odin’s death. She immediately made her presence felt by destroying Mjolnir, and her reimagined powerset quickly drew comparisons to Gorr, who is now Thor: Love and Thunder‘s main villain. Thor followed up facing Hela by battling Thanos multiple times, which collectively pushed him to acquire his Mjolnir replacement, Stormbreaker. Thor is now unsurprisingly getting another upgrade in Thor: Love and Thunder, too.


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Official footage for Thor: Love and Thunder shows Hemsworth’s God of Thunder in a new blue and yellow armor. It is reminiscent of a costume from the comics known as Thor’s Battle Armor, which was forged for Thor to wear against his strongest opponents. Ironically, the comics had the Battle Armor created as a result of Hela, who cursed Thor to make his bones weak and breakable. Since Thor didn’t break out the Battle Armor in Thor: Ragnarok to take on Hela, the decision for him to suit up in it in Thor: Love and Thunder is noteworthy. If Thor’s new Phase 4 armor is the MCU’s rendition on his Battle Armor, Marvel is already subtly hinting that Gorr is even more powerful than Hela and Thanos.

Where Is Thor’s Armor? Thor 4’s Confirmed Suits Explained

At the same time, Thor: Love and Thunder‘s footage also shows Thor in several other outfits, some of which aren’t even armor. Aside from the MCU’s take on Thor’s Battle Armor (the blue and gold suit), the trailer also shows various younger stages of Thor in his Classic Armor during the opening sequence, Fat Thor in a muscle tank and a trucker hat as he works out, and a rejuvenated, relaxed Thor in casual rock-star attire as he reunites with teammates like Korg and the Guardians of the Galaxy. If the inclusion of Thor’s Battle Armor in Thor: Love and Thunder indicates just how powerful of a threat Gorr is, then Thor’s other, more laid-back looks also illustrate the newfound contentment and peaceful mentality he’s achieved at this point in his arc, with the Classic Armor moments reinforcing just how far he’s come. Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor costume, complete with the iconic armor and winged helmet, also makes a key appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder‘s trailer.

How Powerful Is Gorr The God Butcher?

Gorr the God Butcher wasn’t a supremely powerful individual at birth like Hela, as his strength came much later. He believed gods didn’t exist after prayers for them to help his planet went unanswered, but Gorr later witnessed two deities battling before his eyes. This ended with a symbiote merging with Gorr to create All-Black the Necrosword and killing one of the gods, thus beginning his time as a god butcher. Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to feature Gorr at the height of his power levels, and this should make him a worthy foe for Thor to take on. There’s even the chance they’ve fought in the past (just like in the comics) and that Thor’s new armor is an indication of him knowing full well just how much more powerful Gorr is compared to Hela.

The likelihood of Thor: Love and Thunder‘s villain being more powerful than Hela could spell more doom for Thor in Phase 4, even if his new armor keeps him alive. Hela’s power brought the destruction of Mjolnir and Asgard, the death of Odin and Thor’s closest friends, and cost Thor an eye. It should be intriguing then to see what Gorr the God Butcher’s immense strength could mean for Thor’s well-being and those around him. The good news for Odinson is that Thor’s Battle Armor should mean he’s well-equipped to fight Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder, especially if he gets any other upgrades.
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